What is Melanoma?

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Melanoma is a kind of disease which occurs in skin. Generally people blame sun for the cause of melanoma. Ultra violet rays produced from the sun can easily damage the DNA production of the cells. There is a production of cancerous cells in melanocytes. These are the cells which are actually responsible for the color of the skin. Even these cells are also found in other parts of the body as well. According to documentation generally melanoma infection starts from the skin. It is considered as a kind of skin cancer. It can be easily cured but one need to diagnose the same at early stage and proper treatment should be done for it.

According to the scientific research done on this disease, it is because of exposing the skin to ultraviolet rays. Many of the times the damage is done to specific code which actually controls the growth of cells. When actually the situation occurs that cells grow totally out of control then it may lead to a cancer. Apart from ultra violet rays from the sun one other reason for the development of this disease is the loss of genes which actually suppresses the tumor from our body. Even people who are regularly using sun beds they can also face this Melanoma.

Generally doctors diagnose this disease by examining moles which are normally not regular in their color and shape. Once they visually examine the same then they perform the next examination called dermatoscopic test. This is a kind of test which is used to illuminate these moles. This will help them to detect the presence of melanoma. It is always advisable to perform such kind of diagnosis by some experienced doctor. An early stage of melanoma means they are similar to the moles which are not at all harmful for the body.

Generally people who are having lots of moles or large amount of moles on the body have higher risk of getting melanoma. Even there are chances that people whose close blood relatives having melanoma are also having very high risk of getting the same disease. People who are having very frequent exposure in the sun; people having fair skin may also have high risk of getting melanoma. There are multiple methods to treat this disease. Most popular kind of treatments is radiation and medication. Taking opinion of oncologists and neurosurgeons is very helpful for the treatment of melanoma. It is very important for those people with their family members to get them checked for this kind of skin cancer.

There is no single person in the world that is actually immune to this disease. People who are having very dark complexions and they are not having sunburn can still face this disease. So, it means that anyone can get this kind of problem. There is some kind of risk factor involved in getting this kind of skin cancer. As per the records it is not totally curable. But, proper care like using some good sun protection products like rash guard shirts can help you to reduce this kind of disease.


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