What is Skin Cancer

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Human body is made with different individual cells. These cells are designed in such a way that they can reproduce themselves to give a healthy life. Main purpose of these cells is reproducing and dying. In this cycle new cells get developed which helps our body to perform regular functions. After this kind of reproduction cycle, some cells gets degenerated over a period of time which cause mutations, sometimes there are cells which also gets failed to reproduce themselves and next time they start producing at very faster rates. Sometimes these extensive growths of cells are not good and it is considered as un abnormal which is in turn referred as cancer. UV rays are the main factor which generally causes these cells to grow at faster rates.

If you are having rashes or wound which is getting healed then this might be one reason of having a skin cancer. One should not ignore such kind of situation and consult the doctor what exactly the situation is? The symptoms which were discussed here can be an indication of squamous which is one of the most common kinds of skin cancer. Squamaous cells are at the top of the skin. They are at the outer layer of skin. They look in round and flat shape. They help us to protect against environment. Below that there is another layer which is called basal cells which can also cause skin cancer. Average people in today’s generation have got 10 to 40 moles which are called benign. They can generally be seen on face, neck and arms. They are most common parts which are directly exposed to sunlight.

You should regularly keep checking your skin for any kind of abnormalities. You should check the same especially when you are having irregularity in the shape of moles. If any of these nevi gets changed in size or shape then its surrounding tissues becomes irritated. In this kind of situation you should immediately consult the doctor. If possible doctor can also perform biopsy to check whether it is cancer or any symptoms of it. This process is generally done by simply removing that nevi mole and further required treatments are done to complete get rid of cancer. It is very important to detect this situation at early stage because if it may effect other parts of the body as well.

Very first thing is try to avoid UV radiations. Try to make use of sunscreen or some kind of protective clothing. There is one of best product available today is rash guard shirts. It is considered as best product for sun protection. Never use tanning beds. They are one of the most risky factors for the skin cancers. Consult your doctor for any kind of irregularities found in the skin. If any kind of such irregularity is found then it should be immediately examined by your doctor. He is the right person who can tell you about that whether it is a cancer or some other kind of skin problem.


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