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Balanced Diet
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During the holidays you are spoiled with all kinds of culinary delights and you have rested. All well and good. However there’s little energy and everything you want is to rest. But this is not the solution to feel better. On the contrary …

Heavy foods eaten during the holidays, combined with alcohol, sweets and physical inactivity are the main factors that kidnap you energy. Your body has the ability to eliminate toxins and substances which are not useful. The main organs responsible for these features are liver and kidney. But bombarding your body days in a row, with toxins and fat has the effect of overloading your system of purification.

Like I said, the body has its own “purification system” that manages to fix excessive amounts of fatty foods and alcohol. But because that system is overloaded can cause serious diseases of the kidneys, digestive system.

Saturated fats are among the main enemies of your health. Are generally found in animal food, they are harmful because it causes high levels of LDL cholesterol, a type of cholesterol to be submitted inside blood vessels while causing serious health problems. A diet high in fat and generally consist of hardly digestible foods can lead to the appearance of biliary colic.

The first step that we need to do is detoxification, of course, removing the harmful foods. You need to remove fatty meats, sausages, fried foods, sweets, pasta and alcohol.

Do not forget to drink two liters of water throughout the day! Try to drink plenty of water and avoid carbonated soda as possible. Even natural fruit juices, although are much healthier than soda should be avoided, are high in sugar.

Exercise is essential to stimulate the body’s detoxification. Physical activity stimulates blood circulation, eliminate toxins, because blood flow increases, the cells receive a greater amount of oxygen, which is essential for their regeneration. The lymph system also has an important role in this process, choose outdoor activities such as walking and jogging park, because you need as much oxygen. A massage, in conjunction with a balanced diet, exercise and a healthy diet can help to eliminate cellulite.

Seaweed helps to reduce cellulite and fat and at the same time, provides a detoxification, hydration, remineralization and toning. Algae contain hydrated, are rich in trace elements (iodine, Iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium), protein, vitamins and carbohydrates, all help to revitalize, toxins, collagen synthesis and neutralize free radicals.

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Effective ways to quit smoking

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A 21 mg dose Nicoderm CQ patch applied to the ...
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There are several ways with you can quit the unhealthy habit of smoking. Whether you try to leave suddenly, without any help, either turn to less conventional methods such as acupuncture or hypnotherapy.


Acupuncture involves inserting needles into key pressure points located on various body parts. This operation is not painful and patients are left to relax at least a half hour before. Those are then removed, except for two small needles, which remain fixed in the earlobe. So far, no clinical trials demonstrated the real effectiveness of acupuncture in terms of quitting smoking, but smokers have felt some improvement once applied this method.

Sudden give up

To quit smoking without any help … Although physical symptoms can be quite radical in the early days, they disappear in the first two or three weeks. Most people managed to quit smoking because of this method.

E-mail address that challenge you

Register to various programs that send a series of motivational e-mails, focusing on every stage of your recovery.


Although nicotine is a drug that generates an extremely high physical dependence, smoking also has many psychological associations. Nothing regarding this method, no clinical trials proving its effectiveness in quitting smoking, but some smokers have found this method to be of real help.

Laser Treatment

Is a new treatment developed by a former smoker, which uses laser, painlessly at lower intensity, to stimulate energy points of the body. They, in turn, stimulates the production of endorphins – the so-called “elixir of happiness’ produced by the body. Clinical trials have shown positive effects of this treatment.

Nicotine replacement therapy

For best results, follow as closely as possible instructions and consult with your pharmacist or your doctor, regarding the administration of medicines. Products are commercially available in different shapes, allowing you to choose the one that suits you best.

Nicotine patch: A discrete method and easy to use, the patches work by releasing a dose of nicotine through the skin. These patches should be applied on one shaved side, such as upper arm, but should not apply in the same place two consecutive days.

Nicotine gum: The product allows you to control your nicotine dose. To learn how to chew gum properly it is a crucial step.

Nasal spray: The most powerful product of its kind – represents a small bottle of nicotine solution, is absorbed faster than any other form of nicotine replacement product.

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Breast cancer early detected can save your life

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Early signs of breast cancer.
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Breast cancer is curable, but with only one condition, to be diagnosed in time …

How breast palpation is done correctly and that is during the month when should be done?
Breast self-exam to detect cancer early may improve survival rate of the patients with breast carcinoma. In fact, most breast cancers are initially detected by palpation by the patient and not by the physician. Although in young women are reduced incidence of breast cancer, learning the art of self-examination is important, so it can become a habit.

Breast self-exam is done in front of a mirror while you are in an orthostatic position (vertical) or sitting, to detect breast asymmetry. Skin retraction can be observed by raising the arms above the head or placing your hands on hips.

In the case of premenopausal, monthly breast examination is indicated in the first week after menstrual period. If the doctor can not confirm changes detected by the patient, must be repeated after one month or immediately after the next menstrual period.

What should alarm us and when we need immediate medical attention?

Mammary tumors, especially cancer, are asymptomatic, being discovered by palpation or by screening (mammography and self-examination). Minimum changes occur in the breast during the menstrual cycle. During
premenstrual phase, may temporary occur a slightly elevated swelling. This persistent nodules at palpation, especially present in postmenopausal women, with irregular edges, require immediate medical attention. Moreover, the nipple secretion in women not breastfeeding and its hemorrhagic nature, in the absence of breast palpation, require the need to establish its origin.

What are the main investigation for breast cancer detection and what they entail?

The main investigation applied to the breast are the mammogram, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Breast ultrasound is an imaging technique, commonly used, but not having the same accuracy in detecting breast cancer compared with mammography. Its indications are limited to assessing a benign-looking density, impalpable, detected by mammography.

MRI is a costly investigation, which is generally indicated by evaluating mammograms.

Breast cancer diagnosis is established only by examining tissue taken by biopsy. Who are people susceptible to breast cancer? Breast cancer is approximately one third of all cancers that occur in women and is considered the second leading cause of cancer death in women, after lung cancer. Here are some of the risk factors:

* Family history of breast cancer – increases the overall relative risk;
* Diet high in fat, alcohol consumption;
* Hormonal factors;
* Lack of lactation (breastfeeding seems to have a protective role)

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About restless legs syndrome

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Restless legs syndrome
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According to the National Institute of Health in the United States, approximately 12 million Americans suffer from restless legs syndrome. Although lately began to make studies about the disease and became known in professional circles, a large number of experts think is a bad disease and most often overlooked.

Restless legs syndrome is a neurological movement disorder characterized by sensory and motor abnormalities. Experts say that imposing a correct diagnosis may take up to two years … Patients often feel frustrated by these symptoms, which they consider an inconvenience rather than a disease in the true sense of the word. But studies indicate that restless legs syndrome is a condition which can be treated.

Classical symptoms of this disease are the uncomfortable feeling of the lower limbs, feelings that are becoming increasingly annoying during the night.

People who suffer from this disease have a diminished quality of life. But what is more sad is that it is very likely not even to be aware that they have the classic symptoms of a disease that can be diagnosed and treated. It is also important that doctors be aware of this syndrome, to adequately diagnose this disease and prescribe proper medication, if necessary.

In severe cases, unusual sensations felt in the legs. And in rare and severe cases, sensation may be present in the genital area or torso. Symptoms develop, especially when ill person is resting (relaxation times). This sensation is often confused with “nervousness”.

The symptoms associated with this disease are:

ï Periodic limb movement, characterized by a distortion of the foot, either during sleep or during a period when the person is awake – a stereotypical repetitive motion of the foot. Most people who suffer from restless legs syndrome also suffer from this syndrome.

ï Sleep disturbances and fatigue. Most patients show sleep disturbances such as difficulty falling asleep, difficulty sleeping. Because of this, 50% of patients are unable to have a restful sleep at night. Those who suffer from this serious forms of disease manage to have a few hours of sleep a night, which means they are characterized by fatigue during the day. These sleep problems are usually associated with the worst forms of restless legs syndrome.

ï During the period of rest and relaxation, patients may experience uncontrolled movements. These movements, which may occur during the day or night, can be extremely fast.

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How to get rid of allergies

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Pollen from a variety of common plants: sunflo...
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An “allergy” is a sensitivity to something that normally do not rise any health problems. When the body
attempt to escape “allergen (foreign substance), experience the sensation of sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, rhinorrhea and itching. Classical allergens include animal dandruff, pollen, dust mites and molds.

The medical term for symptoms of nasal allergies is “allergic rhinitis (“rhinitis”comes from the word ” Rhine “, from Ancient Greek, meaning nose, and “itis”meaning inflammation).

Seasonal allergic rhinitis describes nasal allergies that change with the seasons because of plant pollen. In these people, symptoms come and go depending on the pollen of certain trees and weeds. Their pollen levels can vary from day to day, depending on factors including weather.

Tips to cope with allergies

* Try to stay inside your house between 5 am and 10 am.
* After you’ve been outside, change your clothes and make a quick shower.
* Keep windows closed.
* Use air conditioning and change filters often.
* Do not smoke in the house. Cigarette smoke is irritating and may intensify symptoms of allergies.
* When driving, keep windows closed and use air conditioning (set to recirculation) to reduce exposure to pollen.

How to cope mold

You can reduce exposure to mold by monitoring the level of increase in house, avoiding places where they grow and reducing activities that can arouse their spores. Here’s what to do to reduce exposure to mold allergens:


* Avoid areas such as – basements, garages, barns, stacks of wood.
* In the garden, avoid activities that increase exposure to pollens and molds, such as mowing, digging … If you must do these things, wear a filter pollens and molds mask.


* Keep humidity in the house at a lower level of 50% to discourage mold growth. If humidity is high, use air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Also consider installing a dehumidifier in the basement or other closed areas.
* Do not leave wet laundry in the washer sit for long
* Clean the fridge regularly
* Clean shower curtain with substance to destroy and prevent mold.
* Reduce the number of houseplants as soil encourages mold growth.
* Open curtains to allow sunlight to enter the house.
* Avoid using pillows, mattresses and furniture filled with foam, as sweat can mold them. Choose objects labeled “hypoallergenic”
* If you use a humidifier, follow manufacturer’s instructions closely and carefully clean on a regular basis. If the humidifier has traces of mold, mold spores can spread into the air we breathe.

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How to Safely Choose your Herbal Supplements

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Tenzing Momo herbal apothecary, Economy Market...
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Even though many herbal supplements out there nowadays in the market are safe to take, you should be aware that not all dietary herbal supplements will suite you.  Some dietary supplement may even cause you harm, this is why it is so vital that you do your research and have proper information before you purchase and start taking any supplements.

It is vital that even as you purchase herbal supplement that you take the time to observe and do your research on factors such as:

  1. The herbal supplement name
  2. Any disclaimers as well as the overall look on the packaging
  3. The net quantity of the herb’s content such as how many capsules and grams
  4. Other determining elements of the herb
  5. The distributor’s name as well as the manufacturer

How can you Select Herbal Supplements?

It is very important the you select your herbal supplements using the right care and caution, choosing the wrong herbal supplement can really interrupt with your health.  Whenever you choose your herbal supplements, keep in mind to follow the right guidelines in order to ensure that you never have to compromise your health.

Choose Standardized Supplements:

Make sure that you carefully check your supplements in order to determine whether they have met the checks and test for uniformity, cleanliness and are also contamination free.

Buy Single Herb Supplements:

You will need to find herbal supplements that are clearly marked, never buy any supplements that contain ingredients to which you are unaware of and do not recognize. This can greatly harm your health whether in the long run or in the short run.

Make Sure that You Pay Attention to the Packaging Claims:

Make sure to verify that the claims made by the manufacturer are true and viable and if this seems too outrageous then you shouldn’t risk your health and instead, you should try other safe alternatives.

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Herbal Supplement You Can Take for Your Health

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Echinacea purpurea 'Maxima'
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Many people know that by using the right herb, you can add a new unique ingredient to your meals and recipes. There has been medical research that proves that some herbs do tend to have the same effect on human beings.  The most popular herbal concoctions nowadays promise whoever is taking them to provide a way for decreased fatigue, reduction in anxiety levels, better sleep as well as easing depression levels.

In order to know of the benefits that herbal supplements can provide for your health, it is important that you know about the history of herbal supplements themselves.  Herbal supplements are not a new phenomenon, they date back to 2500 BC and have been used for many years in order to repair, balance and restore health to the body.  Junipers and Garlic have commonly been used in order to sustain the body’s health due to their unique healing properties.  In the past years, some of the herbs have also been used in order to create pharmaceutical drugs.

In today’s world, herbal supplements have the ability to be applied across many more health issues than there ever was before.  Herbal supplements can now be used to repair headaches, cure insomnia and even control the common cold as well as other various illnesses.

Herbal benefits also include the botanicals used in today’s contemporary pharmaceuticals and also other herbal supplements that you may purchase in order to enhance your food flavoring such as sage and garlic.

Since herbs have been known to promote health, many people are quick to assume that herbs are quite similar to vitamins when as a matte of fact, herbs are resemble actual drugs.  Most experts agree that botanical remedies are even more potent and just as effective as most pharmaceutical drugs, so you should always exercise caution even when taking herbs, since an overdose can actually be just as lethal and dangerous.
In order to be released into the market, many herbal supplements do not have to meet the same federal regulations as other drugs; this usually means that the purity, potency and safety of most herbs will vary from one brand to the next.  This fact alone makes it very important for you to speak to your doctor before you start to take any herbal supplements.

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Natural Alternatives for Traditional Skin Medication

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St John's wort
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Medicinal herbs are a great natural alternative for traditional skin medication; they are also beneficial to your skin and offer a different kind of botanical and herb that is like any other. You should be aware that concentrated fragrances that contain ingredients such as linalool are not recommended since such plant chemicals have been known to cause allergic reactions.

If you add any fragrance, you may have an allergic reaction since any concentrated plant fragrances are likely to contain a high level of artificial preservatives.  The most effective and safest choice you can use for your skin is by choosing a fragrance free product.

Some examples of natural herbs that can improve your skin conditions:

Botanical extract is natural occurring and can also be used in order to maintain your skin as well as treat any existing skin problems.  You can also use botanicals and herbs in order to reduce the signs of aging.   Nettles, Arnica, Marigolds and Saint John’s Wort have been known to have anti aging, skin care and mental health benefits.

Even though these herbal and botanical skin care products may benefit your skin, you should be aware that there are some side effects that may come with using either one or all of these herbs for your skin:

1.Nettles: These are medicinal herbs that can be used to relieve itching of your skin, however some people have been known to complain about the stinging that can arise from using nettles. If you would like to relieve skin itching, you can use Babassu palm oil in order to eliminate inflammation, dryness and eczema without the side effects.

2.Marigold: This herb can be used in order to treat any acne, soothe irritation and inflammation. With marigold, you will not have that many side effects.  If you would like to treat your acne, you should try honey, since honey has been known to have antibacterial properties, which is an essential part of healing blemishes.

3.Arnica: This is a toxic plant, however its roots do have an effective antioxidant and fungicide property, which acts as an ant inflammatory agent. There is a side effect to Arnica since its roots can be harmful due to the fact that the roots contain Thymol and when Thymol is absorbed with your skin, it may lead to internal bleeding.

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Feeding Your Baby with Organic Food

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It is time to face the truth: almost everything that is packed inside our grocery stores and supermarkets belongs to food that was grown and pumped inside with pesticides and growth hormones as well. This is very unhealthy for all of us having at the same time a negative effect on our children.

It is more than ascertained that eating organic foods hasn’t proved other than being tastier together with the higher level of nutrients and the less chances of developing cancer disease or other illnesses. The fact that our children’s body is developing it is not worth it putting it at the risk of becoming sick. It is indeed a reality the organic food is more expensive when buying, but its benefits worth every penny of it.

The cost of these organic products could be saved as long as you have a large garden and are decided to grow in it fruit trees and your won veggies. At the same time you need to put up with your kids question when you are inquired what is there ready for dinner: the Taco bell or McDonald’s.

Then you shouldn’t wonder at the fact that your kid weighs 100 pound! The point is that this happens because the growth hormones that are injected in the animals that make the object of the processed foods delivered through McDonald’s or other snack food chains.

What is there to do in this situation, especially that your kid has already the germ of addiction towards this kind of junk food? Then in this case as your kid has grown accustomed to this food as well he/she can become un-accustomed as well, once you change your lifestyle. This can be very hard, indeed if you are not used to buying organic food but this can step by step become a habit on daily basis and it starts with the parents.

Therefore a slow but sure pace step needs to be taken inside your family’s diet and if you follow the following tips you can give your kid a fresh start in life with a good health state:

– eliminate carbonated drinks and juices that contain sugar, replacing them with organic 100% fruit juice that has no sugar in addition.

– purchase organic food whenever you can afford or have it grown on your own.

– reduce the dining outs to one time per month.

– healthy snacks can be taken with your whenever you will be on the road, and have them put inside a cooler. The baby’s organic food should be kept in your car.

– purchase organic milk that will last up to a couple of weeks and as such you will be sure that your child is not drinking the hormones of growth that cows are injected with in order to produce more milk.

– fresh foods should always be present inside your fridge; thus you can serve your family a fresh healthy food and not a frozen one.

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How is the vegetarian diet healthy?

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Chinese soy milk soup with wonton.
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Drastic diets, which prohibit consumption of meat or any other product of animal nature, existed in various forms throughout human history, whether it was based on religious grounds, or, more recently, based on concepts of moral or environmental.

Presently many people opt for vegetarian diet convinced that make the ideal choice to keep their health. But is it true?

What are the effects of a vegetarian diet on the body?

Vegetarian diet has generally beneficial effects on the body. Firstly lower body digestion, also fibers are essential to detoxify the body, it diminishes the risk of conditions such as: high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, and colon cancer. Also, fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of antioxidants and helpful in fighting cancer, cardiovascular disease or premature aging. But must keep in mind that the human diet, especially belonging to the European area, is omnivorous and the digestive system, is suitable for such a system.

Therefore, if we really want to give up eating meat, would be preferable to adopt a lacto-ovo-vegetarians, who provide animal protein from eggs, milk and dairy derivatives. Excessive consumption of fiber from vegetables can not be completely metabolized by the body and can often cause irritation to the digestive system,

Also, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of refined sugars (in particular pastry, confectionery), replacing them with a moderate consumption of honey (linden, acacia), which brings vitamins and minerals. Excessive consumption of flour should be avoided.

Can we cover all the body’s nutritional needs through a vegetarian diet?

Vegetable protein content (peas, chickpeas, beans, green vegetables, fruit and vegetable oils, cereals, vegetables and dried fruits, bread, flour , pasta, rice, semolina) are more poor or do not contain all essential amino acids, particularly important for the functioning of the body.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to severe anemia and nervous system and circulatory diseases, in this case is indicated the consumption of cereals with added vitamins. Calcium Deficiency can be improved by consuming soy milk and tofu. Vitamin D deficiency (vitamin present in fish oil), especially in children, may lead to the appearance of rickets, with growth disorders and bone diseases.

Are food supplements recommended?

Administration of food supplements is recommended only in case of deficiencies. We can not replace the absence of natural vitamins and minerals adding products containing different supplements, often synthetic or in inadequate amounts. There is also competition regarding the absorption of some elements over others, for example, an excess of calcium inhibit the absorption of magnesium and iron.

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