Natural Alternatives for Traditional Skin Medication

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St John's wort
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Medicinal herbs are a great natural alternative for traditional skin medication; they are also beneficial to your skin and offer a different kind of botanical and herb that is like any other. You should be aware that concentrated fragrances that contain ingredients such as linalool are not recommended since such plant chemicals have been known to cause allergic reactions.

If you add any fragrance, you may have an allergic reaction since any concentrated plant fragrances are likely to contain a high level of artificial preservatives.  The most effective and safest choice you can use for your skin is by choosing a fragrance free product.

Some examples of natural herbs that can improve your skin conditions:

Botanical extract is natural occurring and can also be used in order to maintain your skin as well as treat any existing skin problems.  You can also use botanicals and herbs in order to reduce the signs of aging.   Nettles, Arnica, Marigolds and Saint John’s Wort have been known to have anti aging, skin care and mental health benefits.

Even though these herbal and botanical skin care products may benefit your skin, you should be aware that there are some side effects that may come with using either one or all of these herbs for your skin:

1.Nettles: These are medicinal herbs that can be used to relieve itching of your skin, however some people have been known to complain about the stinging that can arise from using nettles. If you would like to relieve skin itching, you can use Babassu palm oil in order to eliminate inflammation, dryness and eczema without the side effects.

2.Marigold: This herb can be used in order to treat any acne, soothe irritation and inflammation. With marigold, you will not have that many side effects.  If you would like to treat your acne, you should try honey, since honey has been known to have antibacterial properties, which is an essential part of healing blemishes.

3.Arnica: This is a toxic plant, however its roots do have an effective antioxidant and fungicide property, which acts as an ant inflammatory agent. There is a side effect to Arnica since its roots can be harmful due to the fact that the roots contain Thymol and when Thymol is absorbed with your skin, it may lead to internal bleeding.

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How to get rid of circles under eyes?

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There are so many options available to come out of dark circles under eye. But best prevention to this problem is getting correct amount of sleep, having a balanced diet and avoiding too much of stress. But under some circumstances these situations cannot be avoided. The first part of our body which shows the signs is the eye area. To get rid of these dark circle problem first thing which you can ask a health care provider. Sometimes other factors also plays vital role in that like age, allergies and anemia. So, especially the question is how to get rid of dark under eye circles in old age? So if you properly take care of mind, health and body then it will be the best way to get rid of it.

One of the best solutions is drinking enough water. Another thing is staying hydrated which can help you to get rid of dark circles. If proper treatments of allergies are done then it can also help you keep down those dark circles. Even age is also another factor which can be the cause of this problem. As the old age comes the area around the eyes begins to get darken because blood vessels underneath that area of skin starts becoming more visible. Even some of the conditions like thyroid disease, heart failure and kidney disease are also main player for causing fluid retention in our body. And we see the dark circles under our eyes. These are sometimes because our blood vessels becomes dilated and enlarged so dark circles becomes visible. Even if you have a habit of smoking then it is also one of the causes of dark circles. Even if control the intake of salt then also you can control the dark circles under your eyes. Try to have a diet which is very rich in iron. So, that you can have healthy body and no dark circles under your eyes. Those people who are having very less iron can become anemic. They can develop a dark circle under their eyes. So, very simple solution to the problem of dark circle problem under your eye is having a balanced diet.

Sometimes if someone also wants to try for some medicines or some products then they should always go for a natural skin care products which contains natural substances. So, while purchasing a product you should read the ingredient label first. You can see the list of ingredients. For example some of the substances are very harmful and they are very drying, irritating and having a synthetic chemical. These materials are used as preservatives in your eye cream. But there are some natural ingredients also there which helps you to remove dark under eye circle and these are also safe and secure.

So, now it is very clear with the tips and tricks mentioned above that how one can get rid of dark circles under eyes in most fast, safe and efficient way.

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What Is the Best Skin Care Product for You

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Which is the best skin care product for our skin? There should be some specific brand with which you should be happy and you should stick with it permanently. If one of the products has worked for you then it is for sure that company is manufacturing other products also. It is not necessary that all skins are of same type. So, you need to have different things from your products for solving different types of problems. For example ingredients used in one brand’s cleanser are what you need to cure your dry skin problem. But it is not necessary that it is present in the moisturized cream also.

If you have to use different product for each of your activity for your skin care then you would be surely spending your whole morning just behind cleaning and moisturizing. For example you want something which reduces oiliness and cure your acne then you don’t want a cleanser which is good for each and every type of skin. You are not going to use different types of product on your face one at time. You need to have a single solution to all these problems and it can also serve more than one purpose. Say you are looking for cleanser then you should also look that it is also effective against acne. It is not necessary that everyone who has an oily skin doesn’t have acne and vice versa. So try to find a cleanser which can solve all of your purpose.

Moisturizer is another important thing for every skin type. You should find out the one which is for oily skin with acne and also the one which is for oily skin without acne. Just try to use a moisturizer which doesn’t create any other type of problem. It should also cover the skin care for your face. Some experts have suggested that you should not use body soaps for your body. Most common reason behind this is it is treated differently than your facial skins. Sometimes it is possible that your face may be dry but your chest and back are oily. So if you try to utilize the same skin care product for everything then it may create problem for you. Even we should treat our faces differently because they are also a part of our body. We use different types of makeup on them which can lead to a skin problem. This problem can arise if you don’t use a right type of cleanser as and when required.

So, if you are searching for the best skin care product for your skin then the first and most important thing which you should be aware with is you yourself should know about your skin type. It is the most important factor to be considered. Even you should try to search for those products which have most common ingredients which give you desired results for your skin.  It should not have unnecessary ingredients which cause adverse effect on your skin.

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Nourish Your Face Using Nature’s Gifts

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When discussing about skin and body nature has given us amazing gift. There are many researches going on that how to treat skin problems naturally because natural treatment is very harmless and it’s very effective. After thorough research and lots of hard work some natural treatments have been found to cure skin problems. Here are some of the basic tips which are totally natural and it keeps your skin healthy without any problem.

  1. Drinking ample amount of water daily. Taking vitamin regularly.
  2. Don’t use hot water on face. Instead use warm water. So, that your skin can retain its moisture better.
  3. Regularly eat MUFA means monounsaturated fatty acids. Some of the examples are olive oil, dark chocolate, cord liver oil, nuts and seeds.
  4. One of the best and proven stuff to make big difference in your skin is Retinol. This cream should be used in conjunction with sun screen and it is easily available at any drug store.
  5. One of the important is Vitamin C. This can give you a gorgeous skin. Always use Vitamin C cream and apply it on your face so the dead cell goes and you find a new skin. The result can be clearly visible only within few weeks of utilization of Vitamin C cream.
  6. Even using sesame oil once in a while is also a good solution to get natural treatment. Just take some sesame oil warm it and gently massage it on your face. Try to use organic sesame oil. If it is not available then you can try virgin olive oil or avocado oil.
  7. Perform yoga daily. It has got lots of benefits. Your body circulation will be benefited from it. Even your body will detox naturally. Even doing yoga is not only for your skin it also gives a great benefit to your complete body. It keeps any one very healthy for a long time.
  8. Doing steam facial with different types of herbs. Take a pot of boiled water and a towel kept over your head. Some most common ingredients for this treatment are Avocado mashed up with some yogurt, oatmeal or some mashed strawberries. Even another thing which makes a great facial is Egg. First you should apply yolk and the whites once yolk gets completely dried. Another great facial is honey with just a drop of rose oil. It is the best natural treatment. You would be able to feel the softness in your skin.
  9. Try to sleep well and try to get sound sleep. It is also the best treatment. Even apart from that another two natural treatments are fresh air and natural sun light but in limited form.

10.  Finally something new, some gorgeous facial elixirs and bask. Because essential oils are one of the best secrets for younger looking skin.

It is not possible to try all these methods because the world moving at fast pace today. So, it becomes very time consuming process and it becomes difficult also.

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Tips to Increase Dry Skin Elasticity

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During the winter season you might have noticed that your soft and elastic skin becomes very rough to touch. Sometimes it is also flaking, cracking and bleeding also. Generally common   area where dry skin mostly appears is hands. Some more areas which are affected are face, legs and fore arms. Another name for the dry skin is xerosis.

Normally healthy skins have got fatty substances which keeps moisture in. Whenever xerosis occurs it is because something which strips away fatty oils and keeps your skin unprotected. Still the problem persists then it may be because of direct control. If such problems is because of genetic condition or because of another type of disease then only doctor can treat it effectively. Xerosis is just a minor problem and it can be solved very easily. You need to make some small changes in your life style. But sometimes if it is untreated then it can cause dermatitis. It is a disease which can lead to swelling and infection. If such type of problem occurs you can try some of the following thing:

Never use harsh soaps. It is the main reason which causes xerosis. You can use a soap which is chemical free and it contains specific fragrances so that it can help you to keep moisture in your skin. Never use a deodorant soaps.

Another thing which you should use is Luke warm water. But it may be a tough task for those people because during the winter season generally people prefer to take hot showers and wash their hands with hot water. But remember that hot water can increase dryness.

Third thing you can try is using a good moisturizer. After every washing you should apply a good moisturizer. Even it should be after washing hands also.

One more thing is we can use humidifier. Generally the air which comes from heaters strips all moisture from our skin during the winter season. But making use of humidifier is the best solution to your problem.

Even taking some of the important vitamins is also very good solution for this. Some of the vitamins which can be taken to properly cure your skin problem during the winter season are: Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin F. There are many different tablets available in the market which can have these vitamins into it.  But it is not suggested every time to have such tablets. More better option to have vitamins is try to consume ample amount of vegetables and fruits because many vegetables and fruits contains almost many of this vitamins into it.

Apart from all this tips which are mentioned above. One last but very important tip is to increase the intake of zinc in our body. To increase the intake of zinc in our body some of the most common food which should be consumed is wheat gram, mushrooms, soy and grapes etc. Why to increase the zinc intake?  Answer to this question is very simple because it helps to maintain the balance of collagen and elasticity in our skin.

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Choosing the Best Anti Aging Skin Care Product for Your Skin Type

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To select the best anti-aging creams you need to consider your type of skin. Almost every people have different types of skin there not a single solution to it. Almost all anti-aging creams are designed for particular type of skins only. Reason behind this is almost all anti-aging creams are designed keeping in particular skin type. All anti-aging creams works differently for each type of skin. So, the biggest point is which one will be the best anti-aging cream for particular skin type? To find out the answer to this question requires lot of time and research. First of all let us see four different types of skins. So that people can select the type for them.

First category is Dry skin type. Generally best anti-aging cream for dry skin is oil-based. It should contain material like hyaluronic acid. Normally we get a great benefit to our dry skin from a moisturizer based anti-aging cream. Even you should also try to add fatty acid in to your diet. Almost all the anti-aging creams available today contains required amount of hyaluronic acid. So, make sure while purchasing such cream that it includes that or not.

Second type of skin is oily skin. That means your face is producing more oil. So, for such type of skin the anti-aging cream which can be used should be water based or oil-free creams. Best treatment for this can be done is by use of glycolic acid. Your cream should be water based. It should have oil-regulating properties like tea tree oil and other ingredients. This can be applied at any time.

Third category of skin is normal skin. It is called as well balanced skin type. Anti-aging cream which is used for this is most gentle one. Even there is no requirement to use it in extreme quantity. One should search most simple and basic type of anti-aging moisturizing cream which also includes sun screen.

Fourth type of skin is sensitive skin. Those people who is having sensitive skin for them there are many different type of anti-aging creams available. These products are generally fragrance free. In this type of anti-aging cream sun screen lotion is not covered so keep one thing in mind that you should wear sun hat to protect from sun stroke. You should find out the alternate versions for sensitive skin which is included with aloe Vera to make your skin tone smoother. Only thing is you should find out different variations for smoothing ingredients in your anti-aging cream.

So, only one thing is that the best anti-aging is the one which is suited for individual skin type. You should also get the desired results. Even there are some specific rules which are applied to all skin types. Some basic guidelines which are to be followed are you should drink plenty of water. Take sufficient amount of sleep. Try to maintain regular and healthy diet. Last point to get the best result from it is having a patience.

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