How to Get Fittest Body Postures by Simple Yoga Techniques

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Yoga is a kind of mental relaxation exercise which is helpful for both mental and physical health. Its helpful asana will help you in maintaining your physical balance. You will find many asana which will make your mind sooth and body trimmed. The main problem which leads to the disorder to your body is mental distraction to many things prevailing in our busy life.

There are many simple yoga techniques which will soothe your mind and physical health at a time. There are many asana which focus on breathing. We often think that how it can happen that simple breathing process can maintain our health. But it is true! This is a process which burns 100s of calories at a time. This will also soothe your mind to utmost extent. You can add simple yoga techniques with fullest breathes to get the utmost result.

Sun salutation (Surya namaskar) is a simple asana which you can add to your beauty regime as it will cover exercise of whole body. This asana will make your back and limbs flexible. This will also burn fat on your love handle. It also helps you get thighs and buttock back into the tuck.

How to do Surya Namaskar? The yoga is always started with the sun salutation.

You just need to make your body warm up at first before starting Yoga. The warm up exercise includes Mountain (Tad asana). In Mountain asana you will have to make your warm up by exhaling and inhaling and moving your neck, arms and head to and fro. This warm up will helps you to avoid any injury to your body muscles.

This yoga asana include about twelve positions which needs continuous breathing to fullest extent. This asana will not only make your body fat free but also help you in generating flexibility in your upper and lower body. In short it will make your body full of energy.

Now here I will give you a short guide that how to undertake Sun Salutation:

First of all you need to stand straight in the erect position with feet keep close with each other and shoulders relax and back.  Then you will have to bring your both hands clasped in front of your chest like a greeting posture. Now while inhaling raises your hands in upward direction and stretch your arms to fullest. Then while exhaling bend your upper body and take your hands to touch your feet.  Then return to the initial position.

This is the shortest most Sun salutation I have encountered with. But it is as beneficial as the other ones. It will give you the practice of hoe to stand, sit, lay etc. This will definitely correct your posture.  And also will help you to breathe in a well mannered way, so that you will have healthy lungs forever.

This mini and trimmed Sun Salutation must be added in your daily schedule to grasp the youth for rest of your life. It has amazing results on your overall health.


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