Step Out from Depression Practicing Yoga

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What is depression? Depression is actually the mental disorder in which the whole body, his feelings and his thoughts will be affected. Depression can affect the way you sleep or the way you eat or the way you feel about anything. Depression is not like a passing mood; this illness is not about the personal weakness, so one cannot will it or wishes it away. And symptoms of depression differ form person to person; it also depends on the acuteness of the depression. 121 million people around the world are suffering from this terrible mental disorder from the ages of 15-45 according to WHO (World Health Organization).

There are different symptoms of Depression:

· Insomnia, oversleeping and early-morning awakening.

· Restlessness, irritability

· Weight Loss or Weight gain

· Fatigue, Tiredness

· Drowsiness and laziness

· Feelings of helplessness, guilty and worthlessness

· Lost of enjoyment and interest in the hobbies or activities that were one’s favorite

Without any treatment or medication one cannot get rid of this mental disorder. Treatments such as antidepressant medications and psychotherapy, but here is another way to feel better in this awful mental disorder is to “practice Yoga.” Yoga is not actually the permanent cure of depression but it can help to great extent to feel better.

How can Yoga helps one in getting rid of depression? People suffering from depression will not like to any thing, the first thing is that they stop moving. They do not want to exercise as they feel very awful doing all this. But the Yoga practice is what that calm down their minds and what can make them feel relax.

By practicing only three poses of yoga in the start for only few minutes, one can feel better. It will reduce the heavy and unmoving feelings of depression that are the main symptoms of depression. Yoga is very helpful in relaxing he mind and body of depressed person, because it pressure on glands and organs of the body of person which aid them to produce soothing and chemical balance (that is needed to feel well and relaxed).

As a matter of fact, when one suffer from depression his breathing pattern changes and in this way the amount of oxygen reduces slowly. A yoga exercise improves the breathing patterns and one can get suitable

amount of oxygen. Yoga exercises are very aiding in providing relaxation of mind to one because Yoga improves circulation and the sending stimulating oxygen to your muscle and brains. And Yoga is all about stretching, so by stretching one can remove all toxins from one’s body leaving body pure.

Normally depression is caused by self-esteem so try the warrior which is very empowering posture, the salute of the sun which is very joyous and relaxing pose and celebratory sequence of asanas. And you become more flexible and your over-all health improves and gradually you will find yourself out of depression.

So step out from this awful and terrible situation by practicing yoga and you will feel relaxed


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